Most web browsers can be configured to scale a picture to fit the monitor and still allow that picture to be displayed full size at the click of a button. In this section, where it makes sense, some images are available full size, in those cases there will usually be a 300 X 200 thumbnail to click. Full size pictures may take a while to download even over a broadband connection. The thumbnails are 300 by 200 pixels and most of them look pretty good. The differences are most noticible in the full sized photos although differences are still quite apparent when scaled to fit an 800 pixel width.

Once upon a time I had film cameras, a Kodak Instamatic, some nameless rangefinders, Canon and Nikon SLR's. Then came the Digital age. I picked up another nameless camera shaped like a pen, then bought a Nikon CoolPIX 5700, which was followed by a CoolPIX 8800 and finally the Canon SLR's I am using now. The information provided here is based on my research and experience.


Depth of Field
Macro Photography         Macro.jpg
Noise part 1

Noise part 2

Noise part 3
Sensor size and angle of view         EOS30D_on_EOS1DsMkIII.jpg
        Why shoot Raw?